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CEE is a next generation artist collective bringing together musicians, designers, digital creators, researchers, theorists and thinkers to explore technology, art and nature as a framework for cultural transformation. CEE uses technology as a set of tools empowering creativity, critical thinking, research and independence for all its members. The aim is to create an environment that fosters collaboration in the real world and provides opportunities for shared exploration and learning enabling different groups of people and creators to drop work together effectively.

All releases, encompassing music, gadgets, events and audio essays, delve into the relationship between machines and nature—two elements that are part of an interconnected ecosystem symbolizing a bionical evolution in a world where technology reinterprets nature in an iterative effort to differentiate from it.

  • DATE
    December 2023-December 2024

Annual Subscription 2024

A once-in-a-year mushroom-shaped club card, granting you access to all the CEE knowledge, including all music releases and audio essays released between December ’23 and December ’24, as well as exclusive discounts for all CEE events and merchandising throughout the year. Additionally, at the end of the season, you will receive a 3D figure containing a USB memory with all drops for your exclusive enjoyment.

This release is made possible thanks to the collaboration with GUZZU, a Web3 community and platform for music creators to experiment and release Digital Merchandise. Their goal is to foster a more equitable and sustainable music industry for both artists and fans, with technology built on Polygon’s Carbon Negative Network.

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