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Urban Talks #07 Deterritorialization, Art, and New Forms of Creation

Urban Talks is a series of itinerant talks aimed at engaging in a discussion with the public about culture and creativity in relation to the urban environment. Urban Talks provide a unique opportunity to converse about art, heritage, economy, technology, or sustainability with professionals who have excelled in these fields, offering an optimistic view of the future of cities.

    LITW, La Plataforma y Poblenou Urban District
  • DATE
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    17h a 20h
    Disseny Hub Barcelona (Pl. de las Glorias Catalanas, 37)
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Seventh Edition on October 19th

Moderated by Frankie Pizá, this new edition poses the question of whether, in an environment characterized by the constant competition for attention and audience, where we all, to a greater or lesser extent, are nomads transitioning between physical and digital spaces, we can truly find innovative projects.

Do we believe it’s possible, amidst this continuum of project-seeking, to discover solutions that can offer us a genuine connection with the environment and the issues faced by the people living in those places? Can we create spaces to listen to our own voices rather than getting lost in the growing noise that surrounds us? Is it feasible to convey something relevant without belonging to a specific place and without repeating the formulas that spread in digital realms?

In this new edition of Urban Talks, taking place on October 19th at the Disseny Hub Barcelona, we will delve into the exploration of proposals aiming to reinvent creative collaboration through the use of digital tools. Additionally, we will reflect on the issues related to the deterritorialization of artists with a panel of experts, artists, and theorists. Remember that Urban Talks are free and open to the public, subject to seating availability.

TALK #1 

Art and creative processes in times of permanent tourism
Frankie Pizá (Moderator) | P3: Jana Trave y Pablo Ciccarelli  (Galería de arte) |  Stefanie Herr (Artist and architect)  | El Pumarejo: Alex Wellburn (Cultural association)

TALK #2 

Máquinas que pintan: Una conversación con Lolo & Sosaku
Participantes TALK #2:Frankie Pizá (Moderator) | Lolo & Sosaku (Artists)