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The UNESCO Chair on Life Cycle and Climate Change is a research group founded in December 2010 through an agreement between the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and Pompeu Fabra University (UPF). It is the first UNESCO Chair in the world to cover life cycle principles, including carbon and water footprints, in the study of all aspects related to climate change.


The UNESCO Chair on Life Cycle and Climate Change commissioned LITW to design a new image and a communication campaign that would provide visibility to the research group, which was hidden within the university’s own programs.

The task required a clearly disruptive component with a fresh approach that would renew the institution’s academic and scientific appearance , creating a brand that is approachable, easy to understand and helps distribute the complex content that surrounds us in our daily lives.


One of the Chair’s goals is to transform the world by creating policies and business partnerships based on the principles of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and the circular economy, so its research, and particularly the dissemination of its results to various industries, were revealed as the best formula for combating climate change through data communication.


In a joint effort between LITW and the institution’s internal communication team, a new alternative name was created to accompany the official title of the Chair and improve its positioning, resulting in LCA4Climate, which stands for Life Cycle Assessment for Climate. This new name is aligned with the chair’s mission to evaluate the life cycle impact of products and processes on the environment in an effort to mitigate climate change. 

Simultaneously, under the artistic direction of Pol Solsona, an immersive graphic system was developed that could function online and in the Chair’s dissemination materials. New iconography was also created to identify the four main areas they work on: agri-food sectors, waste management, sustainable construction and new materials.

Finally, a communication campaign was developed that focused on fruit boxes and their materials — plastic, cardboard, and wood — as the narrative’s central element. The campaign asked: “Which is more sustainable?” The answer lies in the ongoing work of researchers and their ability to look at future environmental challenges with hope.



· Brand Identity
· Art Direction & Visual Identity


· Graphic Design
· Website & App Design and Programming
· Copywriting
· AV Production (video/animation/motion graphics)
· Sound Design
· Photography
· Illustration
· Promotional corporate materials



Strategy, Production, and Brand Activation:
· Alfons Pich
· Cristina Salinas


Art Direction and Graphic design:
· Pol Solsona

Campaign Photography ‘LCA4Climate’:
· Leo García Méndez

‘LCA4Climate’ Video:
· Leo García Méndez

Sound design:
· Joan Solé

Web development & landings:
· Alt120


Communication and Content Management:
· Llúcia Ribot