Life In The Woods. Your creative and strategic partner

We are a customized transformation agency that caters to our clients’ planning, activation and growth. Headquartered in Barcelona and with representatives in London, we have been working on projects in tech, culture, education, retail and non-profit segments since 2011.


As a consulting firm specializing in communication, digital marketing and public relations, we help you make strategic decisions by gathering key information for the activation of your product or service.

We use technological platforms and the best creative staff to boost your visibility and efficiency, guiding you through every step of the digital process and creating unique experiences. 

We help your company grow faster by providing the right people and resources for every project, along with the knowledge required by an ever-changing market.


ESCI–UPF, Nationale Suisse España, Cátedra UNESCO de Ciclo de Vida y Cambio Climático, Fedrigoni España y Portugal, Mobile World Capital Barcelona, Poblenou Urban District, Boat Bureau, Uniqbrow, Murmur, Global Business School, The Bass Valley, Seeway, Microfusa, Skylab Coders Academy, Blackie Books, Lapsus, Desilence, Slide Media, Sin Hilo Records, CRU Records, Identidata Records, Set Theory Records, LAUT, Helsinki Pro, Festival Petit Format, Festival Bicefal, Festival Embassa’t, Veraicon, Asterix Tour, Run&Win, Maquinista Restauració, Traza Furniture, Klépierre, Checkdibox, Asociación Catalana de Recursos Asistenciales, Generalitat de Catalunya, Barcelona de Servicios Municipales, Vienna Tourist Board, Universitat de Barcelona, Kleos Advisory UK, Bloomint Design o Kao Chemicals Europe entre otros.

Alfons Pich

Alfons Pich has more than 15 years of experience in communication, marketing and public relations strategies based on the importance of the narrative, creating culturally interconnected content, and the creative—as opposed to cosmetic—use of technology for projects throughout the world. 

He has witnessed the emergence of a liminal space between the analog and digital eras, and his diversified areas of expertise include tech, culture and education segments, in addition to identity creation for brands and startups as well as for public, private and non-profit projects.

Beyond his role as founder and co-director of LITW, Alfons has managed the Spanish-speaking markets for a popular social media platform with over 500 million users, and worked on global projects for public relations agencies in London. He is also a communications speaker and has spent six years as a communications consultant for ITU, the United Nations agency for information and communication technologies, working on projects in Asia, Africa and Europe. 

Cristina Salinas

Cristina Salinas is co-director of LITW and manages the activation department. Over the past eight years, she has become a digital communication expert who creates online marketing strategies, produces content and manages public relations campaigns to activate products and services through the creative and integrated use of narratives and technology. 

Cristina holds a Master’s degree in Cultural Management from the University of Barcelona. She has been the director of communication for Poblenou Urban District, Barcelona’s culture and creativity quarter, and is a member of the Lapsus collective, which explores avant-garde music linked to technology. 

In recent years, she has carried out hybrid campaigns for clients that include Barcelona de Servicios Municipales, ESCI-UPF, Klépierre Iberia, Fedrigoni Spain and Portugal, and Kao Chemicals Europe.