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Fedrigoni España y Portugal


2017 -2019


Paper, Industry

In Italy, Fedrigoni is synonymous with paper. For over 125 years, it has been one of Europe’s leading manufacturers, producing a range of products used for printing, publishing, labeling, packaging, stationery, security paper, and even the production of banknotes.


Fedrigoni approached LITW to highlight its unique values over its competitors by showcasing the potential of its paper through project curation and the creation of content that would expand the reach of its communication efforts throughout the Iberian Peninsula.


Fedrigoni Spain and Portugal, the Iberian subsidiary of the Italian specialty paper brand, have several communication projects, including an online publication specializing in paper and creativity in Spanish and Portuguese called ‘Fedrigoni Club’, an official website, and a thriving community around the world of design and printing that it engages with through its social media channels.


Between 2017 and 2019, we managed the digital strategy and content creation for the Spanish and Portuguese subsidiary, under the artistic direction of Workship Studio. We highlighted the work of designers, advertisers and creative staff from all over the peninsula who regularly use Fedrigoni’s specialty papers in their projects.

The campaigns resulted in a growing number of followers on social media and more interactions with the brand. We also helped promote the prestigious Fedrigoni Top Awards design awards and other events.



· Customer Experience & Lifecycle Analysis
· Digital Analytics Integration & Management
· User personas & Cognitive biases detection


· Copywriting
· Search Engine & Store Optimization (SEO)
· Content Production and Community Management (SMO)
· Social Media Marketing (SMM)
· Email Marketing



Analysis, Production, and Brand Activation:
· Alfons Pich
· Cristina Salinas


Art Direction and Graphic Design:
· Workship Studio


Marketing management:
· Sylvia García