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"An ignorance of Africa as vast as the continent." This is the definition of a The New York Times headline in 1994, which spoke of how Africa continues to be a screen onto which prejudices and the most absurd fantasies are projected. Kleos Advisory is a consultancy that does the opposite. Its concept is based on providing clarity about what is happening, especially in Sub-Saharan Africa, by transforming complex issues into clear, attractive and convincing narratives.

Kleos Advisory is a unique global project that offers knowledge, strategic advice on emerging markets, commodity value chains and disruptive technology from the heart of London.


Kleos Advisory UK contacted LITW to carry out a project linked to advice and content generation, as well as business and its more technological aspect, such as fintech firms, all in a very personal project centered on a figure who is a reference in the dissemination of what happens in Africa’s economic markets.


Tedd George is the founder, driving force and Chief Narrative Officer of Kleos Advisory. With over 20 years of experience researching and working in African markets, he advises on fintech and agricultural projects in Africa, especially on the value chain of West African cocoa. Tedd regularly appears as a speaker and moderator at global seminars, offers webinars, and is a frequent commentator in the media.

From the onset, we worked with Tedd George to create a strong brand and a narrative that reflects the creative and innovative spirit of this new project.


As part of a joint effort between LITW and Tedd George, and with the artistic direction of Pol Solsona, we created an adaptable identity that includes a website with case studies, media appearances, articles, seminars and podcasts, with a clear UX and a design that allows users to reach all of the content within two clicks. 

Kleos Advisory is a modern brand in a classic territory, with a liquid branding system that extends across social media and all marketing materials.



· Brand Identity
· Narrative, hypernarrative, storytelling & Verbal Identity
· Art Direction & Visual Identity


· Website & App Design and Programming
· Illustration



Analysis, Strategy, Production, and Brand Activation:
· Alfons Pich
· Cristina Salinas


Art Direction and Graphic design:
· Pol Solsona Studio

Web development:
· Marc Permanyer

· Marc Torrent


· Dr. Tedd George