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Music, Culture

Founded in 2004 by Albert Salinas, LAPSUS is a cultural platform founded in 2004 by Albert Salinas, focused on avant-garde electronic music, creativity and technology. Within the industry, it is a true "rara avis" due to its multiple dimensions, including event production, audiovisual content creation, record label publishing, curation of installations and exhibitions, and regular programming of local and international artists in various venues in Barcelona. Its irreverent spirit blends experimentation and the search for advanced sounds with a carefree philosophy and aesthetic, sometimes reminiscent of punk, which is the collective's hallmark.


Following ten years of sporadic activity, Lapsus reemerged in 2014, with the creation of its annual event, the Lapsus Festival. Since then, LITW has been involved in the organization of Lapsus by defining a communication strategy and a unique voice to make the Barcelona collective recognizable on a national and international level.


Among Lapsus’ activities, its record label is the cornerstone. With a growing number of international releases and unstoppable growth, Lapsus Records is undoubtedly the genesis of the project. Additionally, Lapsus has been tirelessly creating content, having had a successful stint on Catalunya Ràdio in the 2013-2014 season and later moving to Radio3 (RNE) from 2015 to 2022 with its program, Lapsus Radio. In parallel, Lapsus has launched events like the aforementioned Lapsus Festival, managed the programming of the LAUT venue in Barcelona at the beginning of its journey, and is behind the curation of the Caixa’s DNIT cycles. In 2021, the collective founded Lapsus Agency, a booking agency, that works with a group of artists with different sound sensibilities in multiple events around the world.


LITW is responsible for the communication and positioning of all Lapsus activities, as well as for creating strategies and researching new areas to allow Lapsus to reach new audiences year after year. 

Lapsus Records catalog
‘Lapsus’ on iCat from Catalunya Ràdio
‘Lapsus Radio’ on Radio3 from RNE
Lapsus Agency
DNIT cycle at Caixaforum



· Marketing & Communications Strategy
· User personas & Cognitive biases detection


· Transition to Web3 projects
· Copywriting
· Content Production and Community Management (SMO)
· Social Media Marketing (SMM)
· Email Marketing
· Media Buying
· Public Relations (Press Office)


· Workshops & Conferences Curation



Strategy, Production, and Brand Activation:
· Alfons Pich
· Cristina Salinas


Art Direction and Graphic Design:
· Basora

Photo credits:
· Enric Badrinas
· Cristina Salinas

Lapsus media:
· Albert Salinas
· Philip Sherburne

Label Manager / Production:
· Mario G. Quelart

Digital distribution for record labels:
· !K7

Physical distribution for record labels:
· Rubadub
· Clone
· Forced Exposure

Web development:
· Maneko

English text editing:
· Toby Martin


Management / A&R / Publishing:
· Albert Salinas